Z and C Purlin Manufacturers

   Roofing Sheets

The RBS roof system consists of ribbed steel panels and thus provides room for a built-up roof system. The profiled steel panel is fixed to the secondary framework by self-drilling screws. The overlaps of this panel are fastened with stitching screws. The secondary framing is normally Z purlins fixed with 1.5m purlin spacing to the primary framing. The thermal insulation varies depending on the type of the built-up roof.


  •   Simple and economical parapets
  •   Can be used for complex roof shapes
  •   Economical rain water drainage
  •   High degree of thermal insulation (depending on the specification of the built-up roof system)
  •   Reduced peak height
  •   Fully integrated accessories: skylights, smoke vents, polycarbonate vaults, roof curbs

  •   A cost-effective and practical solution
  •   An increase of safety and water tightness thanks to the strength of its fixation
  •   Attractive and economical
  •   Easy to install
  •   Cost-effective energy efficiency
  •   Long-term performance