Pre Engineered Building

Pre Engineered Building are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Pre Engineered Buildings in India, which are functionally versatile, architecturally flexible , Easy to erect and of Superior quality requiring low maintenance. RBS provides reliable after sale service, comprehensive and detailed engineering output, Value-engineered solution, continuous product improvement, stringent quality Pre Engineered Building. The PEB's are of High quality Long life, Durable structure, convenient relocation, Easy to assemble and disassemble. Our Main motive is to provide excellent client service by delivering a high quality commitment in all the products and services.

A wide wave of technological development over the years has been contributing greatly to the enhancement of quality life through various new products and services. One such invention is the pre–engineer buildings (PEB).

"Pre-engineered steel buildings" are fully made-up in the factory after designing with the use of latest technology, shipped to site in CKD (completely knocked down) situation. All components are assembled and erected at the site with nut-bolts, thereby reducing the time of finishing. The designs are ready-made but the building components are either ready-made or manufactured against specific orders. These are pre-designed into average sizes, spans, bays, and heights, and use standard details for fixing cladding, roofing, gutters, flashing, windows, doors etc. by taking advantage of industrial practices of mass production of components cost-effectively.

Pre Engineered Building is a structure of metallic constituents which is designed and fabricated within the premises of a factory and then all the components are shipped to the site where everything gets assembled and finally erected with the nut bolts, anchor bolts, etc.

Pre Engineered Building is a structure of metallic constituents which is designed and fabricated within the premises of a factory and then all the components are shipped to the site where everything gets assembled and finally erected with the nut bolts, anchor bolts, etc.

RBS is the recognized brand of high grade quality of Pre Engineered Building. We have a wide range of Pre Engineered Building systems which includes a modular rigid frame, tapered frame, clear span, etc. We are manufacturing these Pre Engineered Buildings by using the best quality raw material and spare parts which is been sourced from the exclusive vendors in the market. We are manufacturing these Pre Engineered building frames as per the customer’s requirement whether it be the steel designs or any other metal cast requirement is there. There are various dimensions and segments in which these pre engineered buildings are framed. We are manufacturing these frames with the team, of trained and professional civil engineers who are qualified enough to make and design these frames for a particular projects.

These PEB structures require a lot of engineering to measure and structure the graph of these frames so that these become the feasible structures to withstand a building. We are providing the durable and lasting forever types of frame. We are manufacturing and providing these PEB structures with the great concern on several specifications like Building Length, End Bay Length, and Interior Bay Length. Building lengths are taken care of so that there is an optimal distance between the external flanges of the wall columns of two opposite sides. End Bay Length is a distance between the outer rim of finished walls and the interior frames middle line. The interior bay length is made with the distance in mid of the two adjacent central frame columns.

Pre Engineered Building Components:

  • Pre Engineered Buildings are designed on the rigid steel frame of the building which comprises the main frame of the entire structure.
  • The tapered sections are fabricated using the art of technology wherein the flanges are welded to the web.
  • Purlins, Grits and Eave Struts are secondary structural members used to support wall and roof panels.
  • Sheetings and Insulation Panels are used for roof and wall liners partition and soffit sheeting.
  • Paints and finishing are done with one coat of red oxide paint without any special treatment to steel.
  • Doors and windows, False Ceilings, Partition Wall Floorings are the final touch to any building.

Pre Engineered Building Advantages:

  • Pre Engineered Buildings requires the reduced time for construction purposes.
  • To manufacture the economical buildings, pre engineered buildings is the best suitable option
  • These pre engineered are made flexible for the expansion purpose if in case it is required in the future.
  • We are manufacturing these pre engineered building structures with the larger spans or in whatever dimensions which are prescribed by the customer or client.
  • These are made with the superior and strong quality version.
  • We are manufacturing the pre engineered building structures which requires the least maintenance and are cost effective.
  • These are made in the energy efficient roofing and wall system. These frames involve the structural versatility as per its applications and usages.
  • These are the most sustainable systems as these are made with the flexibility factor to do the changes as per the need.

Pre Engineered BuildingApplications

Pre Engineered Buildings are suitable to be designed for the various purposes. It may be Warehouses, Cold Storage, Super markets, Aircraft Hangers, Production sites, Sports club and various other building usages.

These Pre Engineered Buildings can be delivered to the clients within the minimum time. We are the recognized brand of delivering the best quality of Pre Engineered Building structures in the superior grade quality as per the industry standards and international norms of certifications.